United States District Court Judge James V. Selna appointed Bailey & Glasser attorney Benjamin Bailey as one of nine lawyers to the Plaintiffs’ Counsel Committee for Economic Loss in the national lawsuit filed against Toyota Motor Corporation.

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Camry Gas Pedal & Floor Mat Recall

The Camry floor mat recall and Camry gas pedal recall are sure to affect thousands of U.S. drivers.  If you or someone you know purchased a Toyota Camry built from 2007–2010, they may be entitled to recover compensation from the Toyota class action law suit or a Toyota Camry floor mat lawsuit. 

Toyota sold more than 34,000 Camrys in December 2009, making the midsize sedan America's best-selling car.  It commands 3.4 percent of the U.S. market and sales rose 38 percent from 2008. 

The 2007 Camry, which was recalled, was the subject of about 200 speed-control complaints, with fewer than a quarter of those resulting in accidents.

In all, federal safety regulators said they had received complaints alleging that unintended acceleration in Toyota vehicles caused 52 deaths.

Toyota has maintained that the rapid acceleration in its vehicles may be linked to electronic glitches and not just stuck pedals or problematic floor mats.  Camry floor mat accidents and Camry gas pedal accidents have garnered attention since fall 2009.  Company president and CEO Akio Toyoda assured Congress in March that Toyota research had not found a link between the reports of runaway acceleration and electronics.

Instead, the company is shortening gas pedals to prevent them from becoming lodged under floor mats and inserting metal pieces the size of a stamp to keep gas pedals from sticking in the depressed position.

The Obama administration is considering requiring all cars and trucks sold in the U.S. to have brakes that can override gas pedals to prevent sudden acceleration problems like those that led to reports of deaths and the recall of millions of Toyotas.  The brake override would require a relatively inexpensive software upgrade. 

Have you been injured or hurt in an accident due to a Toyota Camry's sudden acceleration from a faulty gas pedal or floor mat?  It is important that you contact the experienced and auto defect lawyers at Bailey & Glasser, LLP to discuss your case.  Our attorneys will hear your situation and determine whether or not there is a case against auto giant Toyota.

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