United States District Court Judge James V. Selna appointed Bailey & Glasser attorney Benjamin Bailey as one of nine lawyers to the Plaintiffs’ Counsel Committee for Economic Loss in the national lawsuit filed against Toyota Motor Corporation.

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Sudden Acceleration, Toyota Accident Attorneys,
and Lexus Accident Lawyers

Sudden acceleration is a dangerous problem and puts
an increasing number of drivers at risk

Runaway Toyota & Lexus vehicles are under scrutiny by Charleston, West Virginia law firm, a nationwide crashworthiness and auto defect resource for lawyers

Horrific reports of sudden acceleration problems in newer-model passenger cars and pickup trucks are increasingly in the news. Drivers who have survived such events have reported that their vehicle suddenly "had a mind of its own" and accelerated out of control. In many cases, even heavy braking by the driver was not sufficient to overcome the open throttle, and a crash ensued. Many crashes have involved serious injuries and fatalities. Some drivers did not live to tell their story.

The Lexus and Toyota accident lawyers at Bailey & Glasser, LLP are experienced auto defect attorneys who can advise you as to the steps involved to determine whether or not a sudden acceleration problem caused or contributed to your accident. They can provide you with information regarding vehicle recalls and Toyota class action lawsuits.

These increasing numbers of sudden acceleration events have coincided with the increasing numbers of vehicles that rely upon a computer-driven electronic throttle control system. Virtually all automakers have abandoned the traditional mechanical linkage that connected the accelerator pedal with the throttle plate. Instead, autos have installed systems that rely on a series of sensors that transmit electronic signals through a control module to a small motor that operates the throttle valve in the engine. Toyota, for example, has used such a system in its Camry and Lexus models since 2002. By 2005 virtually all Toyota passenger cars and pickup trucks relied on electronic throttle controls. With this increased reliance on electronic throttle controls has come an alarming rise in the number of reported out-of-control accelerations.

While some automakers appear to have minimized the vulnerability of their systems to malfunctions, Toyota is one of several automakers facing sudden acceleration issues. Vehicles sold by other U.S. and foreign manufacturers that appear to be vulnerable to sudden accelerations include certain models made by Ford, Subaru, Chrysler (Jeep Cherokee) and others. Toyota’s recent recalls for cars such as the Prius and Avalon, cuts in their auto production, and lower sales figures are all signs of these serious problems.

Bailey & Glasser, LLP is out front, holding automakers accountable for defective vehicles that suddenly accelerate

"The Bailey & Glasser law firm has been involved in the Toyota sudden acceleration issue since 2008."

We have assembled a team of lawyers including experienced plaintiffs' attorneys who have successfully tried sudden, unintended acceleration cases against automakers. In May of 2010 Judge James V. Selna of the Central District of California named Bailey & Glasser attorney Benjamin Bailey as one of nine lawyers to the Plaintiffs’ Counsel Committee for Economic Loss in the national lawsuit filed against Toyota Motor Corporation.

Upon appointment Attorney Bailey stated, “The Bailey & Glasser  law firm has been involved in the Toyota sudden acceleration issue since 2008, including cases pertaining to the Lexus floor mat recalls and the Toyota Tundra and Tacoma truck recalls. The judge’s appointment is gratifying and recognizes our early involvement in the case and the quality of the work our firm produces for our clients.”

Our lawyers have combined resources with some of the leading scientists in the field of electronic controls and are able to identify vehicle throttle control systems that appear to be vulnerable. This team has developed a strategy for holding certain automakers accountable for their defective vehicles. The successful prosecution of such cases requires not only experience, but also the financial resources necessary to employ the forensic experts who help our Toyota accident attorneys make the case for the jury. Such resources are often beyond the means of sole practitioners and small law firms.  Bailey & Glasser, LLP has the necessary resources and stands ready to assist in cases where a prospective client has been catastrophically injured or had a loved one killed in a sudden acceleration event because of a defective vehicle.

Because of our expertise and resources, and because we intend to remain at the forefront in the effort to end sudden, unintended accelerations in the vehicle population, we participate with the Sudden Acceleration Information Group. This ensures that we bring to our cases the state-of-the-art technical and scientific information relating to electronic throttle control systems. It also allows us to follow other similar incidents that have endangered drivers and others on U.S. streets and highways.

Let a Toyota accident lawyer assist you

Bailey & Glasser, LLP stands ready to answer your questions concerning sudden, unintended accelerations and other auto defects such as crashworthiness. You may find that your case requires the very resources and experience that we can bring to bear on your client's behalf. You are invited to call us at 866-722-1588 or contact us online using our convenient online form.